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WOS has together with the jewelry brand BEDAZZLED produced a collection of jewelry with monthly stones. This jewelry is the perfect gift for a birthday, christening or Christmas present. The moon stone gives you the opportunity to make your style even more personal.

These rings are made of silver and are available in an open size 16 or 18.

Read more about your stone here:

January - Garnet

Garnet gives us contact with the divine primordial force within us. It evokes lust, strength and courage and symbolizes the ability to stick to one's word. The stone attracts the power of love, understanding and warmth. Garnet is also a good stone for attraction and it works for a passionate and fast-paced life.

February - Amethyst

Amethyst is a calming stone for thoughts and feelings that wants to support you in letting go of worries and negative emotions. Wear it as a protective amulet against negativity and stress and is often used for meditation.

Mars - Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a stone that stands for playfulness, poetry and creativity. But also purity, clarity, clarity and courage in our communication, with ourselves and the outside world. It allows our emotions to flow more easily like rippling water.

April - Rock crystal

The energy of the rock crystal symbolizes clarity, alertness and balance and the stone is said to be a link between the energy of the stars and our souls. It is said that the rock crystal can transform, amplify, focus and balance energy.

May - Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase stands for balance, positivity, new beginnings, joy and happiness. The stone is used for healing and is said to have a healing effect against depression and anxiety. Chrysoprase symbolizes the difference between our true feelings and our "programmed" emotional reactions.

June - Moonstone

The moonstone gets its name from the light of the moon that watches over you and illuminates the dark. The stone stands for receptivity and acceptance, the change of seasons and the movement of the day between night and day.

July - Red Jade

Jade is a stone that stands for calm and balance and protects us from negative energies and brings luck. The stone is said to help us get rid of debt, and can create better relationships within the family or workplace. It is also said to protect against accidents, and it increases our creativity and confidence.

August - Peridot

Peridot is a stone that stands for harmony between the heart and personal power. The stone is considered purifying and gives you the strength to let love guide you through life. It helps you as a companion through your relationships.

September - Lapis

Lapis is a stone that stands for mystery, meditation, wisdom and knowledge. It is a stone that reminds us of the eternal, the boundless sky and the universe. But the stone also stands for focus, freedom, being able to think outside the box and is a door opener to other dimensions and inner vision.

October - Opal

The opal is a stone that strengthens our individuality and stimulates the creativity that resides within us. The Romans associated the Opal with fidelity, hope and purity. The stone gets its name from the Greek “opallios” which translates to “seeing the colors change”.

November - Citrine

Citrine is a stone that stands for joy, charisma and self-confidence. The stone is often worn as an amulet to strengthen self-confidence and trust in one's own abilities. Citrine is a happy and positive stone that stimulates us to have fun, laugh and play.

December - Blue Topaz

Topaz is a stone that stands for the written word, career, true love and success. The stone is called the "writer's stone" and is said to help us communicate and achieve success with the written word as well as stimulate creativity. Blue topaz is also a calming and peaceful gemstone.



Open size, 16-17


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Stainless steel has long been a reliable material in products worn close to the body, such as watches. Its stability and ability to retain its original character have made it a sought-after material. WOS offers jewelry in pure stainless steel as well as variations with platings.

WOS uses PVD plating (Physical Vapor Deposition) on stainless steel. This technique provides a surface that stands out for its superior resistance to corrosion, water, sweat, and daily wear compared to conventional gold platings.

WOS PVD gold plating on stainless steel is done in 14k gold. Steel jewelry with 14k gold PVD plating can be easily cleaned by wiping with a cloth when necessary. The PVD plating is so durable that you can shower and was your hands and the jewelry will NOT lose it's color!

WOS silver plating consists of silver with an underlying layer of gray titanium, enhancing the strength of the silver. Jewelry with silver plating can be gently polished with a silver cleaning cloth or quickly silver-dipped if needed, especially if it has oxidized or yellowed.

WOS has restructured its production to use recycled stainless steel as much as possible. Recycled stainless steel retains the same properties as regular stainless steel. Recycled stainless steel can be recycled again and again without losing its properties.

If you see this symbol, you know that the product is made of recycled stainless steel.


Brass is a living material that evolves over time. Brass that is not cared for darkens and develops a patina. Factors such as humidity, temperature, and light affect the color development of your jewelry. To clean brass, use brass polish with a soft cloth to restore its original shine.


Silver is a dynamic material that reacts with air through oxidation, resulting in a coating and a darker or yellowish tone on the silver. The speed of oxidation depends on humidity and how often the product is used. Silver is best polished with silver polish or by dipping it in silver cleaner. To preserve the polished appearance of a silver piece, it is best to use it regularly.


Leather is a genuine natural material that ages beautifully. To maintain its beauty, leather requires regular care, especially if used frequently. Clean the leather continuously, at least once a year, with suitable products such as saddle soap, soap, and leather oil. Impregnation spray can be used on leather and suede to enhance protection against water and dirt.


Wool should be washed in the washing machine's wool program with a mild detergent. Wool garments can also be hand washed for gentle cleaning.


Silk | Raw silk can be washed in the washing machine's wool program with a mild detergent. Silk scarves may shrink slightly, but this can be counteracted by ironing the scarf from the wrong side when it is still damp.


Polyester can be washed in the washing machine. We recommend 30 degrees and using a mild detergent. Spin gently at a low speed.

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