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Welcome to WOS, where fashion and art converge in a realm of meticulous craftmanship. With us, accessoriers serve as a form of self-expression, a vibrant canvas of color, patterns, and metrials that spotlight your unique style. Our mission is to transport you to a creative heaven of design. Our boutiques in Stockholm and Gothenburg, along with, are havens where thrilling adventures await. Here, you'll discover accessories and jewelry that transcend the ordinary. 

At WOS, every piece of jewelry, sunglasses, bags and earring is a reflection of your personal style. Whether they exude timeless elegance or daring orginiality. Each item at WOS serves as a platform for emerging designers and artists. Every accessory carries its own distinctive tale. Here, conscous shopping merges seamlessly with a thoughtfully curated selection of details to cherish both now and for a lifetime.

Everything in the shop is handmade, carefully selected or produced in small editions.

WOS was conceived from a dream to redefine minimalist design while serving as a platform for creative expression in the realms of fashion, art, and emerging designers and artists. Founders Jenny and Ulrika came together through their shared passion for fashion and creativity. This encounter laid the foundation for what WOS represents today. At that time, Ulrika managed the renowned Tjallamalla store, where Jenny joined after returning from New York and working with the esteemed stylist Patricia Field. Their aspirations became the driving force behind WOS, a destination that has been a haven since 2012 for anyone seeking novelty in fashion.

The vision was crystal clear—a determination to showcase accessories from around the world that go beyond the ordinary. It became a place where fashion metamorphoses into art, and art seamlessly intertwines with fashion, celebrating the extraordinary. The inaugural store on Hornsgatan in Stockholm swiftly transformed into a treasure trove for enthusiasts seeking a meticulously curated selection. Since then, WOS has been a sanctuary for those keen on exploring their personal style or discovering that unique item to elevate their wardrobe. Today, the range is also accessible in Gothenburg and on the bustling


I want WOS to be a place where you go to find different, exciting things. I like when fashion turns into art and love the outlandish. I have extensive experience in fashion and have spent time in New York stylist circles with, among others, Patricia Field. For me it is important that people become inspired by WOS, if people feel the desire to create I have succeeded.

I want WOS be a launch pad for new, upcoming design. During my years in the industry I have worked with many of Sweden's most successful designers and seen them develop and establish themselves. Especially during my time at tjallamalla. It's exciting to collaborate with new talents and creative individuals who dare to go their own ways. It is important that there is a forum for them.