WOS started up in 2012 and is runned by Jenny Widing-Rommel & Ulrika Stöllman.

The vision is to provide an El Dorado of accessories and serve as a springboard for unestablished avant-garde design. Some 80 designers and artists fit under WOS roof. Together they create a unique blend of materials, designs and price ranges. Here you will find jewelry, shawls, bags, wallets, sunglasses, objects and prints.

Everything in the shop is handmade, carefully selected or produced in small editions.


I want WOS to be a place where you go to find different, exciting things. I like when fashion turns into art and love the outlandish. I have extensive experience in fashion and have spent time in New York stylist circles with, among others, Patricia Field. For me it is important that people become inspired by WOS, if people feel the desire to create I have succeeded.

I want WOS be a launch pad for new, upcoming design. During my years in the industry I have worked with many of Sweden's most successful designers and seen them develop and establish themselves. Especially during my time at tjallamalla. It's exciting to collaborate with new talents and creative individuals who dare to go their own ways. It is important that there is a forum for them.