Which amount can I choose?

You can choose between the value of 300 SEK, 600 SEK, 1000 SEK & 1500 SEK.

Buy Gift Card

How do I get at Gift Card?
Choose a value for yor Gift Card and place an order. The Gift Card will be delivered to you by email.
You can then print out or forward your card to somebody.

How do I use my Gift Card?
Add desired product to the shopping cart and enter your code at the checkout for payment.

What happends if I my purchase exceeds the value of my Gift Card?
When you enter the code on your gift the amount on the gift card will automatically be drawn from the total and you will be able to pay the rest with your credit card.

What happens if my purchase ads up to less then the amount on my Gift Card?
You can reuse your code with the remaining amount on your Gift Card when making your next purchase.

For how long is the Gift Card valid?
Your gift card at wosstore.com expires 2 years from the date of purchase.There are no additional processing fees.
Note that the Gift Card is only valid on our webstore.