Stainless steel

has long been used in products that are close to the body. It is a popular material because it does not alter and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

WOS sells jewelry in pure stainless steel but also with plating. WOS uses two different types of plating. One is the classic silver and 18k gold plating and the other type is called PVD. PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition and provides a surface that is more resistant to corrosion, water, sweat and regular wear and tear than standard gold plating.

Jewelry in steel with 18k gold plating and PVD plating is cleaned by wiping with a cloth if necessary. Steel with silver plating can be polished carefully with a silver polishing cloth or silver dipped quickly if the piece has oxidized.


is a living material and change over time. Brass that is not polished darkens and gets patina. Factors such as humidity, temperature and light contributes to the color your jewelry get. If you want to clean brass, use a brass polish with a soft cloth.


is a living material that reacts in the face of air. This is called oxidation and makes a coating formed and the silver to become darker and may turn black. Some of our designers oxidizes its silver jewelry from the beginning. How fast oxidation occurs depends on the humidity and how well-used product. Silver is best polished with silver polish or a silver dipp.


is a genuine natural material that gets more beautiful with age. Leather needs to be good management to be retained. Therefore clean skin continually, at least once a year if there is something you use often. You can, for example use saddle soap, bile soap and leather oil. Use the impregnation spray for leather, suede and nutbuck. It improves protection against water and dirt.


should be washed in the washing machine's wool program. Use a mild soap detergent and centrifuge. Thereafter, the garment may be suspended for final drying. It is also possible to hand-wash wool garments. .


can be washed in the machine on wool washing setting with the use of a mild soap detergent. Centrifuge gently at low speed. Silk scarfs may shrink slightly, but it can be counteracted if one emphasizes the scarf from the wrong side when it is still damp.


can be washed in the machine, we recommend 30 degrees and using a mild detergent. Centrifuge gently at low speed.