WOS understands that the choices we make in purchasing and production affect the world around us. Therefore, we work continuously to review our organization to ensure that our business is as sustainable as possible. Here are some of the ways we work today.


WOS advocates for the influence of a curated selection. Our commitment to sustainability in fashion and consumption involves selecting items we genuinely love and producing them with meticulous care. We collaborate closely with designers and artists in Sweden, resulting in a significant portion of our inventory being locally crafted. We recognize that the choices we make in purchasing and production resonate globally. Hence, we opt for small-scale production facilities are located in China, Thailand, and India, we prioritize collaborating with female producers and female-owned companies in those regions whenever possible. Regardless of the production location, we ensure that every product is meticulously crafted with a blend of close collaboration and genuine passion. 

WOS has changed its production to use recycled stainless steel as much as possible. WOS jewelry is primarily crafted from steel and coated with a resilient PVD-plating that retains the color year after year. This ensures that our jewelry is not only enduring but also personal, a quality that hold significance not just for us, but also for our world. Thus, you can always discover timeless favorites with us.

"The partnership with WOS serves as a creative meeting place, fostering the exchange of ideas and mutual learning. This is why I cherish the opportunity to collaborate with WOS for numerous years" - Favilai Kongsomsaksiri, producer (Bangkok).


WOS started with the dream of giving unique, unestablished designers and artists a platform for their creative visions. Here, art meets fashion and explores new materials and forms. At WOS you will find, among other things, jewelery and accessories that are locally produced in advance in Sweden. Everything is collected under the category "handmade Sweden". This is to make it easier for those who want to choose locally produced products. Many of our designers create their works in recycled materials such as silver and brass but also plastic packaging. 

Collaborations stand as a cornerstone of WOS's identity. Currently, WOS proudly hosts approximatley 70 smaller local brands. each season, we unveil unique collaborations that elevate attention to detail to unprecedented heights.


WOS strives to produce timeless jewelry, where both design and quality ensure that each piece of jewelry stands the test of time in order to go against "fast fashion". We are careful when we choose our producers and suppliers and try to work only with small-scale manufacturers, mainly in India, China and Thailand.

A large part of the WOS jewelery range is made of steel with a special gold plating technique to extend the lifetime of the colour. The technology is called PVD - Physical Vapor Deposition. The PVD process creates no hazardous waste and does not limit the recyclability of the stainless steel. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled any number of times. In addition, stainless steel is one of the least energy- and resource-intensive metals to manufacture. This production takes place in China where we have an employee controller on site to ensure good production


We work actively to reduce our environmental impact in the daily choices we make, regardless of whether it is about our goal of having a paperless office or how we book travel and shipping. We are constantly working to improve our deliveries and now send more and more deliveries by boat to reduce our footprint.

We also try to stay up-to-date on developments in the jewelery industry, which can give us the opportunity to constantly improve our sustainability work.