Suzywan Deluxe

WOS is proud to be one of Suzywan DELUXE stockiest.
We visited  them in their atelier in Stockholm, Liljeholmen to speak with Suzanne about the inspiration behind
her and Isak's Club jewelry.
Where are you from?

France, south west of France.

How did you get into fashion accessories?

I was playing with plastic animals, making jewelry and brooches out of plastic animals, and then it was time to do it proper. (laughs)
Yes, it just happened. I am more like a graphic designer.

How has moving to Sweden affected your work as a designer?

Actually I went really into it – I isolated myself as a reflex I think –  but in the end it was really good.

Did you make accessories in France too?

No but I was making graphic design and electronic music.

How would you define your style or approach to fashion?

Spaced out I guess! ( laughs)

What has influenced your approach?

A mix of culture... I have been hanging out in London with some japanese people and then there is the internet of course!

What part of the process excites you the most?

Testing new materials and making the collection – how its gonna look and when it comes to reality. The process starts in the computer so it's like a graphic process.

How does your work as a designer affect your view of the world?

That's an interesting question. Well, it brings you behind the scenery in a way. You think to yourself – oh this is what it's like!? (laughs)
But it's fun..

What would you say is the problem with fashion today?

Well, I'm an artist and have a little naive way of thinking. But from a business point of view it has to be the way it's now, it's easier for the market... Since everything is ruled by these super-media-stars everyone will stick to that and fear to dare something new.

Everyone wants too look the same...

Yes, but it's good for business in a way. I guess it's pretty much a set-up buisness where someone decided at some point to make it this way.

What signifies your style and the style of people living in Stockholm?

Oh that's very interesting. Actually in the beginning I thought I will never ever be able to sell here. That there was no point – that my customers aren't here. But actually they are my base now! (laughs)

And compared to France...?

It's nicer here! I'm about streetwear and a little bit edgy. I'm not really into classic fashion. I tried to come up with products that work in France. But over there they are a hundred years back in time. (laughs)
They think they own fashion but have no clue! In France it's still an oldschool string of Art Deco style. That's why I made this collection.

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