Kajsa Malmström

Jewelry designer

Through looking at geometric shapes, sharp lines, asymmetry and contrasts, Kajsa Malmstrom seeks to find expressions that challenge the eye. Always looking to find ways to negotiate her own set notions of style/good taste or aesthetics and push into somewhat unknown territories stylistically.

Born in Sweden, Kajsa now lives and works in London.
Jewellery, to me, is a means of self expression. Finding pieces of art that means something to you, then being able to wear them and take them with you wherever you go. Jewellery is also about bigging yourself up, armouring yourself, or keeping lucky amulets on you, just as with clothes, we can build a persona or find a visual self expression through what we wear and how we wear it. I like to think of the jewellery that I make as something empowering, never apologetic, always proud.
My main influences or sources of inspiration come from design movements like Bauhaus and the Memphis Group as well as a long list of artists and designers who's expressions challenge my eyes and brain. /Kajsa

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