"We recreate magic from raw earth"

In 2014 Designer Sanna Aulén founded EYESEEi. Sanna, who has her roots in the northern part of Finland with a Sami heritage, wanted to create fine jewelry pieces that she could connect with in a more sustainable and meaningful way to underline the more sustainable slow fashion she supports and wants to be a part of. And so EYESEEi was born – a brand with contemporary design where natural, raw materials from the earth are in symbiosis with a clean, industrial look.

The EYESEEi crystals are often raw and traditionally cut out of rock crystals in rough geometric shapes - to emphasize the clean Scandinavian design.

About 60 % of all EYESEEi jewelry pieces are made out of recycled Sterling silver. Sustainability and maximum usage of the amazing potential of silver, that can be melted and forged countless times, are important elements and part of the slow fashion that EYESEEi stands for.  All pieces in the collection are  designed and assembled by Sanna in her Malmö studio and in Bali, where she lives part of the year. First she hand picks the crystals and then  has the silver and the settings shaped in Bali by traditional local artisans, with whom she has a direct and close contact since years back. 











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