DD sthlm


i love textures. i love patina. i love crystals. to me the
imperfect is perfect, it is made with fierce focus,
autheticity, spirituality & rawness. all my pieces harness a
special energy of love, passion & life that I have hammered,
soldered, worked & blessed the piece with. i love to see how
the organic texture and patina changes over time from person
to person, giving the jewlery piece a personal and unique
touch owned by the bearer.
/ desirée rosborg

Desirée was born and raised in the deep forests of Tiveden, Sweden.
The magic nature & fairytale-surroundings cultivated the organic life of creativity.
Since day one, nature’s been her number 1 source of inspiration & wisdom.

Her journey as an actress, dancer, singer, TV-host, yogi and artist, have been gems to learn from and have given her the ways to express the beauty and love for art and this world. After studiying Jewlery Making & Design in Florence Italy, at Lorenzo De’ Medici, she founded DDsthlm in 2014.

DD sthlm


har sina produkter till försäljning
i butiken på Hornsgatan 98


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