Alice Fine

"creativity, quality and dignity"

ALICE FINE believes in a diverse fashion world with the vision of including disciplines from other creative fields. The label has an artistic core and creates unique handcrafted pieces with a focus on sustainable production techniques. ALICE FINE provides exclusive, relaxed and playful elegance by combining creativity, quality and dignity in the making.

The label was first launched in 2012 and kept a small scale production of women’s ready to wear collections. In 2014 the side project DECAY was presented and today this is the label’s main focus. The project started out with the aim to reduce the use of chemicals within the fashion industry, specifically in the dye process. Over the last couple of years, it has developed into a constantly evolving plant and natural due technique, using only natural ingredients.

All pieces within the DECAY project is individually hand dyed in the ALICE FINE studio in Stockholm.

The label is founded and run by fashion and textile designer Karin Bjurström.

Alice Fine


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