Nick Cabana


The story begins in the south part of France in the year of 2010. Niclas Lij rented a car and drove along the coast line of the riviera. Double espresso in Nice, walking along the cliff side at Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, cruising in Monaco, cocktails in Cannes and surfing in Biarritz. After 3 weeks traveling the journey began to reach an end. Niclas spent some time at the beach, thinking about life, values and goals. He had a passion for design and carried his sketch book. He started to draw a watch, symbolic to capture the beautiful time in France kept in a time capsule.

Back in Sweden, Stockholm, Niclas continue his life as usual. It wasn't until several years later he found the sketch book with the drawing of a watch. Thinking back to the time in France and looking at the drawing he decided to go for it. He wanted to follow his passion and and create a brand. All he needed now was a brand name. He thought back to that moment at the beach in Nice. Nice... Niclas... Nick... His uncle always called him Nick. He needed more. Beach... Drawing... The drawing was made at the beach, in a beach cabana. Cabana... Nick... Nick Cabana.


A watch is more than a tool to show the time. It´s a symbol of who we are. We are challengers that enjoys life and never hesitate when opportunities arise. We don´t believe in perfection. We believe in exciting and interesting personalities who use their external attributes to show their inner sides with pride.


It´s all about the details. When you enjoy the small details in life you will truly enjoy life to the fullest. The last quarter on our dials is always marked in a different way to create awareness and presence. The Italian leather strap with the characteristic Cabana seams, transform as you wear it and gives it a feel of perspective.


We seek to create unique watches that stand out and catches the eye, while maintaining a minimalistic and clean look. The unique nature of the materials used, each strap from Italian leather has a personality all its own that will transform as you wear them. Watches that tells your story.

Nick Cabana


Nick Cabana

Nick Cabana

Nick Cabana


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