602 Lab


"bone-like abstract shapes and primitive textures"

Gözde Pekol the owner and designer of 602Lab jewelries, comes from a fashion design and textile marketing background, worked in Istanbul for fashion brands for a half decade after graduating from Business Administration at Koc University 2010. Her designs are nourished from Istanbul as being the most inspiring city with chaos, green, blue, old-new things, different people and cultures that can inspire every second. Also, hiking and camping in forest, finding hidden places and spending time in nature, sparks a light to 602Lab designs. 

After a year of learning wax modelling and traditional jewel techniques in Istanbul 2015, already collected things from nature like bones, drifted woods, stones, unripe fruits.. leads her to use jewellery as a medium of narrating abstract shapes which leads organic shapes to transform into unconventional designs. 

602Lab is a jewellery design brand of silver and bronze pieces combining with semi precious stones. ''Skin and Bone'' collection has bone-like abstract shapes and primitive textures.





602 Lab


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