Norrfolks launched in April 2015. The concept behind the collection is to create one of a kind accessories with focus on sustainability and individuality.
All of our products are handmade of recycled kilim rugs. The rugs are handwoven by nomads, and some of them up to 50 years old. Therefore patterns, colors and symbols will never look the same and leaves each product to be completely one of a kind.

Elise grew up in Stockholm with a Swedish mum and a dad with heritage from the ethnic Zaza people, in Turkey. Elise saw the beautiful rugs during her childhood while visiting her grandfather’s textile store. Today we are working closely with a small studio in Istanbul, owned by Niyazi and his family.

We have a small scale production where each product is made by hands of local artisans working under fair conditions. Our philosophy is simple; we create accessories completely unique for their owner, through a sustainable production process where we highly consider the environment and social responsibility.



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