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A/BARENESS is a slow fashion brand based in Nepal & Norway. We focus on making wearable, timeless and seasonless clothes & accessories in an ethical & ecofriendly way.

We, the founders of A/BARENESS, have been friends for more then 20 years. We have worked within different fields of the fashion industry and traveled the world together and ended up working in Nepal, taking part of an exchange program with the Norwegian Peace Corps. While completing our tasks and preparing to go back to Norway we realized that our mission in Nepal was far from completed and A/BARENESS came to life. We get inspired by the cultural differences between Norway and Nepal, but also within Nepal itself – it is a charming mix of cultures; Nepalis, Hindus Tibetans and Japanese are among the influences that are all stirred together amidst this Himalayan landscape. Our designs are a fusion of elements from our adventures, experiences and everyday life in Nepal and Norway and the typical clean Scandinavian style.




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How’s things? your website sometimes crashes – I figured you would like to know.

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